Upcoming Events

“UPPER  ROOM DEVOTIONAL SMALL GROUP meets on Friday morning at 10:00 AM in the Lounge.”  


This is a social event at Calvary and everyone is always invited and encouraged to attend and bring friends.

“Is there really FUN, FOOD & FELLOWSHIP at Calvary?”

Janet B. says, YES!!! It’s less expensive than a luau in Hawaii, it’s cooler than Tahiti, warmer than Minesota. And you could enjoy a vicarious float down the Rhine, or a trip to the moon, or a time of show and tell. Programs vary widely. Sometimes we have an interesting video or guest speaker or we entertain oueselves.

Parties are usually potluck and cost $3.00 per person. Where could you find a cheaper venue?! Guests attending for the first time are always free. Call the church office or the party hostess and join in the fun, food and fellowship! Save the first Friday of the month!


Save the third Wednesday of the month for the WEDNESDAY LUNCH BUNCH. 

It’s all about fun and fellowship and everyone is always welcome. Best part is there’s no work involved! Just let the host/hostess know you are coming and show up at noon on the third Wednesday of the month with an appetite, $6.00 in your hand and a desire to socialize withothers. You will find interesting friends, a delicious lunch waiting and a good program.